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September 22, 2020, 01:05:08 PM

Author Topic: Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon  (Read 744 times)

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Offline ffthorne05 (OP)

Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:37:20 PM »
The title says most of it..... here's the rub. If you have a map with alfalfa on it, and you're set up to bale the alfalfa and make alfalfa bales (tested and works) how do you add alfalfa windrows to the default game mixers.... through the map. The 2 in game mixers have individual fill types instead of a fill category, so simply changing a category is a no go. Any help is appreciated!

Offline alfalfa6945

Re: Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 11:38:32 AM »
Short answer: You can't.

Long answer: The MixerWagon specialization doesn't really use a fillType category, it uses individual fillTypes, so editing a map xml (ie something in <fillTypeCategories> in a given "maps_fillTypes.xml") won't do you much good. One way to accomplish what you want is by editing an individual mixer wagon (creating a new mod out of it, for instance) and adding in alfalfa_windrow (or whatever you named the windrow) to the fillTypes="" section of <fillUnit> and then adding in a fillType for the alfalfa windrow into the <mixerWagon> section of the mixer wagon mod you're making. Example <fillUnit> section:

Code: [Select]
        <fillUnitConfiguration name="$l10n_configuration_valueDefault" price="0" >
                <fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypes="forage forage_mixing dryGrass_windrow silage straw alfalfa_windrow" capacity="16000" >
                    <exactFillRootNode node="exactFillRootNode" />

And an example <mixerWagon> section:

Code: [Select]
<mixerWagon fillUnitIndex="1" >
        <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="20" maxPercentage="75" name="dryGrass">
            <fillType fillType="dryGrass_windrow" />
            <fillType fillType="alfalfa_windrow" />
        <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="20" maxPercentage="75" name="silage">
            <fillType fillType="silage" />
        <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="0" maxPercentage="30" name="straw">
            <fillType fillType="straw" />

    <baleTrigger node="baleTrigger" />

        <animationNode node="mixerFront"   rotSpeed="-200" rotAxis="2" turnOnFadeTime="1" turnOffFadeTime="1" />
        <animationNode node="mixerBack"    rotSpeed="-200" rotAxis="2" turnOnFadeTime="1" turnOffFadeTime="1" />


Keep in mind that the name="" parts in the <mixerWagon> section is what the game uses to display an icon for that fillType in the mixer display in the help menu. Since the first fillType section uses both dryGrass_windrow and alfalfa_windrow, only one icon can be displayed for that so it will be "dryGrass". If you want alfalfa to be displayed instead, then use the registered name for "alfalfa" in your game (ie alfalfa instead of dryGrass).

Offline Tom Cat

Re: Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2020, 01:06:29 PM »
alfalfa6945 is right - you can't do it with the default mixer wagons .. But as he describes, you can do it with a modded mixer ..

I've done that (not alfalfa though) but adding haypellets, beetpulp and CCM ..

But you don't mention if this is for FS17 or FS19 - I've only done it in FS17, and don't know if there are any difference between the versions ..

Assuming it's for FS17, you may need to assign the alfalfa to the cow foodgroup in the map - or it may not be recognized as a valid ingredient in the TMR mix ..

Tom Cat
In order to get the right answer, you must ask the right question.

Offline Jared G

Re: Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2020, 04:31:09 PM »

I am adding forage types to my mixer wagon but now it does not show up in the store and I see nothing in the log.

 <mixerWagon fillUnitIndex="1">
            <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="20" maxPercentage="55" name="dryGrass">
                <fillType fillType="dryGrass_windrow"/>
            <fillType fillType="DRYALFALFA_WINDROW"/>
            <fillType fillType="DRYLUCERNE_WINDROW"/>
         <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="5" maxPercentage="20" name="Grains">
                <fillType fillType="GLUTEN"/>
            <fillType fillType="CCM"/>
            <fillType fillType="CRACKEDCORN"/>
            <fillType fillType="MAIZE"/>
            <fillType fillType="BARLEY"/>
            <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="20" maxPercentage="55" name="silage">
                <fillType fillType="silage"/>
            <fillType fillType="WETCAKE"/>
            <mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="0" maxPercentage="5" name="straw">
                <fillType fillType="straw"/>
            <fillType fillType="corn_stalks"/>
            <fillType fillType="soybeanStraw"/>
        <baleTrigger node="baleTrigger"/>
            <animationNode node="mainDrum" rotSpeed="-200" rotAxis="3" turnOnFadeTime="1" turnOffFadeTime="1"/>
            <animationNode node="drumTop" rotSpeed="200" rotAxis="3" turnOnFadeTime="1" turnOffFadeTime="1"/>
            <animationNode node="drumBottom" rotSpeed="200" rotAxis="3" turnOnFadeTime="1" turnOffFadeTime="1"/>

That is the area I believe the issue is coming from.

Thank You
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Matthew 7:21
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Offline alfalfa6945

Re: Adding alfalfa (lucerne) to fill type for mixer wagon
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2020, 07:23:25 PM »
That is the area I believe the issue is coming from.

An issue you're going to face with that config is:

Code: [Select]
<mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="5" maxPercentage="20" name="Grains">
By using "Grains" as the name, you won't see that status line in the help menu mixer display and you won't know what percentage the "Grains" category is at. The name needs to be an actual fillType (like barley) as to render that line it needs to be able to assign a fillType icon (like the icon for barley). "Grains" is likely not a registered fillType and therefore would have no icon - ergo the line will not be displayed in the help menu mixer display. This was already touched on in a previous post above...

You have a hundred fillTypes being made usable by the mixer wagon. In order to be able to use this mixer wagon on a map, that map would have to have every single one of those fillTypes registered on it - otherwise you'll have errors in the log with regards to missing fillTypes.

You seem to be using both upper and lowercase spelling for the fillTypes. There is no point to using uppercase in the names of the fillTypes as the mixerWagon specialization loads these fillTypes by using:

Code: [Select]
And we know that the command "getFillTypeIndexByName()" will convert lowercase names to uppercase names automatically. Is how you're writing it down wrong? Not really. Does it look weird? Yes. Yes it does :)

That all said, maybe check your first category

Code: [Select]
<mixerWagonFillType minPercentage="20" maxPercentage="55" name="dryGrass">
as that category isn't closed with a </mixerWagonFillType>

I see nothing in the log.

Then you're not looking hard enough. Missing the closing </mixerWagonFillType> would absolutely, unequivocally, and beyond a shadow of a doubt have a log error. A couple of them:

Error: blahblahblah. mixerWagonFillType.
Error: wordswordswords. No storeData found. StoreItem will be ignored!

Your "blahblahblah" and "wordswordswords" will inevitably say something different, but the errors will be the same and will in fact be present in the log.



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