Fraser Cow's Mods


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[1] Done modding until further notice.

[2] FraserCow Source Files and a Short Rant

[3] Looking for someone to make the Houle pack whole again

[4] NUHN Quad Train 10,000 [Released for FS15]

[5] [FS15 W.I.P.] GMC Dump Truck

[6] [FS15 W.I.P] Houle Manure Tanks [Texturing]

[7] [FS15 W.I.P] John Deere 714 chisel plow [Modelling {On hold}]

[8] [FS13 W.I.P.] John Deere 5730 harvester [On hold until I get measurements]

[9] Everything you need to add the 4960/GMC powershift script to a mod


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