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June 20, 2019, 03:10:28 AM


Idaho, USA v1.1


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Mod Support Topic: Click Here

Description: Welcome to Idaho, USA.  The farmland here is rich and fertile!  This map has all of the main fruits with the addition of oats and soybeans.  There are two main farms.  One is centralized, more modern and is where dairy cattle are located.  The second farm is a bit older and is where you will find all other livestock.  There are sheep, chickens, pig and cattle fattening.  The livestock farm also contains silo storage for all crops.  These silos are not shared with the main farm, so storage on both farms is separate.  This means running two different farms as a single player or splitting the farms if playing with a friend.

The stave silos found at both farms are functional.  They create silage at a certain amount per hour.  You can fill them via their augers and they have level indicator pipes to see fill levels.  The garage doors on the farm buildings are functional.  Some are automatic and some manual.  For the manual doors, approach them on the right side and you will see an indicator in the bottom right of the screen.  Pushing "O" will then open the door.  The same for closing them.  The storage silos at both farms are "All In One".  This means there is only 1 point for loading up your stored grains.  When you drive under the overhead silos, you will see an indicator in the main upper left window.

 Follow the directions there to select the crop-type and to start/end the grain flow.  The loading silo on the livestock farm is inside the barn next to the silos.  There are 5 sell points for grain, 2 for potato, and 1 for sugar beets.  All sell points are in the PDA and labeled clearly on the PDA map as well.  Pigs and wool are sold at the Basset auction.  Beef is sold at the Pampalonia slaughterhouse.  Manure can be sold at the Garden Center and eggs at the supermarket.  Straw/bales can be sold at the Horse ranch.   Additionally, straw, manure, grass, and silage can be bought from the BGA for livestock when you are just getting started or running low.  (bring your own loading tractor :-)...Here is a link for a Weidemann shovel Multi Fruit bucket that can load out of these sheds. (

The map also contains watermod, a carwash, repair shop at the dealership and farm, and woolpalettecollector.

Thanks to DocElyoc for object permissions and Seriousmods/JD4440man for help in testing.

Please do not modify or upload without my permission.

v1.1 Changelog
-Cow feeding triggers now accessible from proper place
-Fermenting silo fill plane fixed
-Short grass removed from fields
-Fixed sheep PDA icon
-Field 31 buy trigger fixed (you can now buy this field)
-Main farm AllInOneSilo, canola added
-Silo trigger on main farm adjusted
-Pig price adjusted
-"Field not owned" message for all fields 'should' be addressed
-Some collisions fixed
-Fixed issue where vehicles would slide around while parked in the sheds
-Falling through some roads fixed
-Fixed issue where hired workers drive where pointed rather than following the field
-Replaced soybean texture with more realistic one by Reaper9111
-BGA fill plane fixed and auger put back in its proper spot

Map credits:
Ranch and Farm Fencing - Sandgropper
MapSiloBand, FermentingSilo, Watermod, WoolPaletteCollector, PigMod - Marhu
AllInOneSilo - TMT Team
Cowshed - NIModding
LMS Buildings - LazyModStudios Modding
American Style Buildings, barns, sellshed, rootcrop barns - JohnDeere1952
SukupBinPack - ThompsonM06
Anhydrous Tanks - IB055
Beleuchtung - Bauer Jens1
Horses - Luculus
MachineShed, PoleBarn, Powerlines and Coop - DocElyoc
Road Construction Kit v3 - Fatian
Guard Rails - Fendt512
RusticBarns - Feterlj
Barn - Merrical Xtras, ekki  
Feed Mill - Hermit23
WoodenSigns - Thunderace
Earnvale building - Andrew Standford
Avia Gas Station - Dimanix
Radio Tower - Raptor5
New VehicleShop v1.1 - Joerg_B
McDonalds - Basti_66
FSM Mill and Manure Storage - FSM Team
Raffenarie - BigBlue
Waschlange -Movie-Profi, buchhauer, Blacky_BPG
Barns - Axel of Sweden
Aral Station - Case Fan
Traffic Lights- Babyblue210
Multifarm -  Blacky_BPG
LoadingRamp - farmerboy69
Futterlager - Ganelcer
Slaughterhouse - Javier007
Trucks - seba j
Water Station - jimdo, Tankbauer
bigmigmag, workshop equipment - JauchenPaule
Bridge - Fatian
CoverAll Building - Fraser Cow
PavementMarkings - FrankWienberg
Brewery - GE-Mapping

Original Version V1 link:
Keywords: Idaho 
Posted by: blueweb June 18, 2014, 12:08:41 AM

Rating: ***** by 87 members.


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