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Title: Forum Rules (Second Edition)
Post by: JDboy on October 24, 2013, 12:29:18 AM
Forum members, here is the latest and greatest from the world of web site administration!
These new rules supersede any and all previous written and unwritten website rules.

Forum Rules (Second Edition)

(Section 1) General Forum Rules
(Section1.1) Topics and Posts:
(Section 1.1.1) Personal Messaging
(Section 1.2) Content:
(Section 1.3) Behavior:
(Section 1.4) Accounts:
(Section 1.5) Other General Rules:
(Section 1.6) Other Guidelines:

(Section 2) Support Topics
(Section 3) Work In Progress (WIP) Topics
(Section 4) Gallery
(Section 5) Downloads
(Section 5.1) General Rules

(Section 5.2) Maps
(Section 5.3) Equipment and Placeables

(Section 6) Legal Disclaimers
CliffsNote Version
Use your common sense and best judgement and you ought be just fine. ;)