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Post by: JohnDeere1952 on July 09, 2018, 10:34:47 AM
  Everybody needs to reread the forum rules on support topics.

  (Section 2) Support Topics
Do not post comments such as "nice mod" or "downloading now."
--Use the rating system on the download page to judge a mod.
Do not demand a change or whine and complain about a mod or map. Constructive Criticism is permitted.
Do not ask where you can find a mod shown in the picture. Use the Find a Mod topic.
  Also please do not start a new support topic for a mod that has an existing support topic, this has been happening more often lately.  Most modders will only offer support in the original support topic.
 If you can not find the original support topic in the forum then look in the download section for the mod or map in question and the should be a link to  it's support topic.
  We do appreciate your input on correcting issues on mods and maps.
  Not all users are guilty but is starting to occur more often.

 and thank you for reading and understanding why this is posted.