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March 19, 2019, 03:47:14 AM



Forum Rules (Second Edition)

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Poster: JDboy
Article ID: 19
Views: 1499
Rated: 3
Posted: Tue 11 Feb 2014
Approved: Yes

Forum members, here is the latest and greatest from the world of web site administration!
These new rules supersede any and all previous written and unwritten website rules.

Forum Rules (Second Edition)

(Section 1) General Forum Rules
(Section1.1) Topics and Posts:
  • Only English posts are permitted.
  • Make post titles descriptive.
    --Topics with titles such as "help" or "problem" will be removed.
  • Do not post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    --This is considered shouting and therefore generally not appreciated.
  • Post with a purpose.
    --Single word responses will be deleted.
  • Emoticons alone are not acceptable for posts, titles or descriptions.
  • Post your topic/picture/help article in the correct section.
  • Do not ask for download links.
    --The Find a Mod topic is the only exception.

(Section 1.1.1) Personal Messaging
  • Do not abuse the PM system.
    --PMs are a privilege, not a right. PM abuse includes asking questions which can easily be found by searching the forum or questions which are meant for a public audience, not an individual.
  • PMs requesting a mod to be made or edited will not be tolerated.

(Section 1.2) Content:
  • No swearing is permitted in the general forum.
    --As has been the tradition, the Calm Down Topic has been loosely regulated in regards to swearing. Just don't over do it and we will remain fine with it.
  • No sexual references.
    --There are younger children using the site right along with us old farts. Please behave yourselves.
  • No discrimination is allowed.
    --This includes, but is not limited to, racism, ageism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.
  • Mod request posts or topics are not permitted.
  • When discussing weapons, such as guns, be careful what you say. We do not want any political debates over firearms.
  • No posting for profit.
    --We work hard to keep this web site free of ads. Don't post them.
  • No direct advertising of a third-party site without direct permission from a moderator and/or administrator.
    --This includes, but is not limited to, FreeForums sites and other mod hosting web sites.
  • Links to illegal mods or edited versions of any GIANTS DLC will not be permitted.

(Section 1.3) Behavior:
  • Be polite and friendly.
    --The Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you treat others like trash, we will treat you the same way.
  • Cyber-bullying is strictly prohibited.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment of any form.
  • No Flaming regardless of the situation.
    --If an issue arises, there is a report button.
  • No fighting or arguing.
    --If a conflict begins, or someone speaks in a way which suggests one will begin, use the report button and let a moderator assist in the situation.
  • Be grateful for help you receive, even if it doesn't actually help you.
    --Someone took their own time to try and help, perhaps you didn't make clear what the problem is.
  • Do not "play moderator."
    --If need be, use the report button to alert us of a violation to the rules.
  • "Fanboy" fights will not be tolerated.
    --All brands have their ups and downs. When discussing these differences, keep the discussion civilized.

(Section 1.4) Accounts:
  • Only one account per person.
    --If you cannot access your account, use the forgot password feature, or message us on our Facebook page.
  • No power-posting.
  • We do not tolerate offensive or profane usernames.
  • Usernames may not be changed after registration.
  • Keep your account password secret.
    --If your account is banned for any reason even if it wasn't you, we will not lift the ban. This includes "loaning" or "lending" your account. Whatever they do, we assume and place the responsibility on you. If you feel someone is hacking your account and changing the password does no good, please notify an admin or moderator.
  • Signatures may not be any larger than 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall.

(Section 1.5) Other General Rules:
  • Do not abuse the report button.
    --This button is there for alerting moderators to someone who is seriously breaking the rules, not asking for a download link or when a mod will be released.
  • Trading and selling mods is not permitted.

(Section 1.6) Other Guidelines:
  • Use the search feature to make sure your problem or topic doesn't already exist. Your problem may have already been solved.
  • Use spellcheck to make sure we all know what you're trying to say to us. If it's too bad, we may think it is a language other than English.
  • If a topic is old, use your best judgment to decide if you should reply or not. The general rule is 30 days and a topic is considered old.
  • Some mods are considered controversial (example: hemp production). Illegal aspects of any controversial subject or mod may not be displayed or discussed on this website. Legal aspects of a controversial mod may be displayed or discussed as long as a disclaimer is attached warning of the controversial subject. This aspect is left up to the moderator's discretion.
  • Do not create more than one multiplayer game topic in the Multiplayer Meeting Stable section. If you change your game type, name, etc. you can use the edit function to update your original post or title.

(Section 2) Support Topics
  • Do not post comments such as "nice mod" or "downloading now."
    --Use the rating system on the download page to judge a mod.
  • Do not demand a change or whine and complain about a mod or map. Constructive Criticism is permitted.
  • Do not ask where you can find a mod shown in the picture. Use the Find a Mod topic.

(Section 3) Work In Progress (WIP) Topics
  • All WIP topics are required to have proof of your work in progress mod, usually a picture.
  • A mod WIP topic should not be started until the model is nearly finished or has been in-gamed to Giants editor, that way others can assume there is a chance of the project actually being finished.
  • Include a detailed description of your WIP mod or map so that others know what the planned features will be without asking a hundred questions.
  • Posted WIPs MUST be uploaded to the American Eagles Modding web site when finished.
  • If your WIP is an edit, permission from the original modder must be granted before posting the WIP topic.
  • Controversial mods are not permitted in the WIP section.
    --This includes but is not limited to hemp production.
  • No asking when a mod will be released or an update posted.

(Section 4) Gallery
  • Do not ask if a mod will be released.
  • No posting multiple pictures of private mods. One is more than enough.
  • No posting additional pictures or videos in the description.
    --Pictures and videos linked from another photo hosting site (photobucket, imageshack, etc.) will be removed.
  • Pictures without a title and worthwhile description are not allowed and will be deleted without warning.
  • Controversial pictures such as drugs and guns will not be tolerated.
  • Pornography is grounds for immediate perma-banning without warning.
  • The gallery is not for updating WIP progress.
    --If images of a WIP mod or map are shown, a WIP topic must be created on the AEM forum so that updates, questions and comments can be addressed in the forum.

(Section 5) Downloads
(Section 5.1) General Rules
  • All mods must have accurate credits. Mods must also have permission for release by the original maker if it isn't you.
  • All mods must be uploaded in the correct section.
    --Mods uploaded to the wrong section will be deleted. There is a dropdown menu for selecting the appropriate section.
  • Comments are to be disabled on all mods.
    -- Use Support Topics section on forum for questions regarding a mod.
  • All mods should be uploaded directly to the website to make it easier for members to download. Only if you have trouble uploading, should an external link be used. External links should be from an easy to use FREE site such as Dropbox, GameFront, Fileshare etc. Pay for download sites such as Uploaded should not be used at all, unless under certain circumstances as approved by a moderator.
  • Mod edits of the Giants Titanium Pack DLC are not permitted under any cicumstances. These mods are the result of using hacked files from the DLC which violates Giants copyrights. These edits will only be permitted once Giants releases the files for modders.

(Section 5.2) Maps
  • Every map needs 2-3 pictures of gameplay and a PDA picture.
  • Maps must have descriptions which actually describe the map.
  • List any additional fruits that are in the map.

(Section 5.3) Equipment and Placeables
  • The mod must actually work.
  • Each mod must have at least 1 picture from in-game.
  • Equipment must have a description of the machine. Include a list of the accepted fruit types.
  • Placeables should explain what the mods does, if anything.

(Section 6) Legal Disclaimers
  • Admins and Moderators will NEVER ask for your password. If anyone asks for your password claiming to be an administrator or moderator, forward the e-mail or message to our official forum support inbox at
  • Admins and moderators reserve the right to remove any form of digital media from the site at any time without any prior warning or notification without reason. The same right applies to the management and/or banishment of forum members.
  • Admins and Moderators reserve the right to modify these rules at any time without notification and implement these changes once they have been made public here.
  • Admins and Moderators reserve the right to a free range of action on the website without explanation and/or reason.

CliffsNote Version
Use your common sense and best judgement and you ought be just fine. ;)


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