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Good afternoon, I hope you all are having a great holiday.

This is a work in progress, and also my first ever mod for farming sim! I did not model this after any particular town, as I wanted to be able to encompass the look and feel of several of my favorite real life areas. My main objective with this map is to create a game play environment that feels like it has a story to tell. Realistic, immersive, and challenging game-play.

You start off on a semi-abandoned farm in blueberry creek. A fictional little town with several small, to mid size older farms. A lot of fields are starting to get over grown, and will need some trees cleared to facilitate your equipment. To the north-west, you have the town of Wheaton (I know, clever right?) it hosts a magnitude of sell points, and often has better pricing than the local grain mill in blueberry creek.

The large grain mills in Wheaton have lured in several massive farming operations, that will require big equipment to have a chance of turning a profit. If live-stock is your cup of tea there is a large feedlot to the east, and a large dairy towards the center of the map.

Which path will you choose?

Please note, I am very new to this. I hope to learn blender in the near future, but currently I am using models from other maps. I am keeping very close tabs on which objects i use, and all authors will receive credit upon map release. Green County is supposed to be some-what of a tribute to all of you talented modelers out there, if you see your model being used - it's because it's one of my favorites  ;D

I'd love your feedback!

Keep it up!  Looks really good!  Very nice job!

Looks nice! (y)

Looks very good so far.  Can't wait to see the final product.

Looks like a good start to me!


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