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Been working on this when I get bored or mad at other models, pics have been posted in the gallery, but the new rules limit me from doing that without a WIP, so I'll just make it easier for you guys to find  ;) This started out as a no brand model, but as I researched more, and wanted to recreate our old tandems, I made it look like a CBI box. Loosely. It's got the same sides, but I designed some of the parts on it, the back is my design. It will be mounted on a 9370 International daycab (Edited in 3ds Max by me).

Some questions you may have about this:
Q: Why is he working on this and not his stepdeck? A: I'm starting this back up as I'm going to learn AO sometime, and this is a lot simpler then my stepdeck.
Q: Will this have a tarp? Like LMS's trailers it will have a tarp, you will not see the animation of it rolling.
Q: Why won't we see the animation? A: I'm just a beginner man, give me some time!  ;)
Q: How big will this be? About 630 bushells. If I remember correctly, our tandems were around 600-650bu.
Q: But dude what do I do with all my other grain? If I can find measurements, I will be building a pup trailer. Sooo... If anyone has a little pup PM me.

Some Pictures

Everything you see is made by this guy. Expected release date? Sometime between now and then. Lol, hopefully (And I mean hopefully) around the time Santa comes. I have a life, and open seasons coming, so we'll see how it goes. I don't image It'll fun to script. I have to find a model to base or use the scripts off. I see some floating around the gallery the odd time...

Any questions feel free to ask. I'll keep this updated as much as I can.

Some links to the real thing.

Fraser Cow:
That looks very nice, it won't be hard to script, just animate it in max and paste the right stuff in the xml. if you need something to base it on let me know.

Keep up the good work.

When you said 9370, I got excited. THere are almost no good Internationals in the entire FS 2013 world, even private mods. This ought to be an epic release.

Great work. :)

Looking incredible Dallas. even though I cant see the screenshots..  ::) but forget about that.. my firewall has some restrictions I hate..

Looking foreward to the release of this. keep up the good work. KJ.  :)


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