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I am very happy to introduce to you, a WIP by myself.A bit of info on this WIP trailer, It is based after a real life trailer, which is a 53' model. The real life version has a beaver tail with fold down ramps, and outriggers to load that extra wide equipment on. You will be able to load all equipment onto this trailer with a breeze, the ramps come down, and the outriggers come out. Simple (I hope  :P). This model is a Triaxle, to haul those heavy loads, for example when your excavator needs to be hauled to the other size of the map, or your tractor and grain cart needs to be hauled, no problem for this trailer.

Enough information, onto the current progress pictures.
As you can see, there is still a ways to go, but I prefer to show my models off while still in the modelling stage, so If anyone has great ideas, I can easily integrate them into the model.
Outriggers out, and ramps down, ready to load.

As you can see, I have set this up where the beaver tail is easily removable, and have left the bumper on there.

Left on the list.

Misc Specs
Measurements: I went outside and measured ours.
Poly Count: As It sits right now: 781 polys.
Wheel Size: 22.5
Ramp Length: 6 feet
Trailer Length: 53 feet (Not including beaver tail)

Please note that model may not represent final mod.

Comments, tips, and constructive criticism is more then welcome, and I highly appreciate it.

It looks great, are you planning to have a locking script on the step as well? I only ask be cause that would be a great place to carry things like seed boxes, forks, and buckets.

I do plan on having the locking script on the second deck. I was thinking the same as you, seed boxes and pallets.

This looks great Dallas, I'm just shocked that in the little time you've been learning modeling that you already are producing some fine models. This trailer will be great. and as far as I know there isn't a full size American semi lowboy trailer out for FS. looks great and I hope the best of luck on it. KJ.  :)

Lol to be 100% honest with you, this is nothing. All it took to make this was squares and rectangles, the odd cylinder. My service bodies are harder to make then this.

I'm hoping the animating will be fairly simple for the most part, it's not to detailed, just needs to move in and out.

Thanks Karston


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