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Trying to upgrade grass and crop textures for personal edit of County Line Seaso


I have been working on learning to change grass, soil and crop textures on County line seasons. I am using files from another map that has nice textures. I can get the textures to change on the map, but all the sell points disappear from the economy screen. I must be missing a whole area of places to change files or file paths, but I don't know where to look. Any tips would be appreciated.

johndeere 4255:
So are you only trying to replace texture files then?? I havent look at county lines so i dont know if that uses custom textures or call on the base game. Have you edited any files at all, or just replace textures? Also if you change the zip file name at all from what it was originally, that can mess with certain things not working in the map, depending on how it was setup...The quickest way to help you is by seeing your log file! Can you either post it here, or tell us if you see any errors from the map in it??

Thank you for the reply.
I did change the map file zip name to countylinetest just for the temporary test, and that is what eliminated the sell points.  I changed that back to the original name and the sell points are fixed. Thank you for that suggestion. I am working on one crop at a time starting with the grass, and now I have to figure out which files are needed, and which are not.

Also, The County Line Seasons map has a foliage folder, but it contains the base game seasons crop textures.

Update: I got all the textures working as they are supposed to. Thanks for your help!

I have not looked at County Line, but it could be that somewhere it references a file needed for the sell points by calling on the map's mod file instead of the same directory as the map is in. Example: say the map calls for one of its own textures, it would tell the game to look for "textures/". If the map calls for a texture in another mod, it could use the path "$moddir$modname/textures/" as the vehicles.xml does (although I don't know why a map would do that let alone what file would do such with). Could open the i3D and/or the xml in Notepad++ and run a search for $moddir$ just to be sure, although one would think the log would throw an error abount not being able to locate whatever file it needs.

It's been a while since I've had done things like that with maps, so it is possible that my information is wrong...


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