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i thought a 100ft sowing machine was not real


hello, sorry i put this post in the wrong spot

 to all so after watching a video  from a farm in montana i thought a 100ft sowing machine was not real. but i was wrong this guy brought a 100ft sowing machine it was delivered by a flat bed. its funny the sowing machine has 8 out riggers to lift from the flatbed and the truck drove away.  they put the wheels back on ; the out riggers they took off and kept in the work shed ,the case steiger quad pulled the sowing machine with no trouble. which i thought the steiger was weak to pull a 100ft sowing machine. so this farmer in montana brought another 100ft sowing machine. so now he has 2, wow

why iam telling you this because i thought there were no such thing as a 100ft sowing machine in real life



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