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so i been thinking, since fs19 and the easy way it was to get more money, i really hardly played any map. an you can get it the same way on fs22.

so my question is there a way to increase the amount you can get as a bank loan, might make it more realistic instead of just adding money.

happy new year y'all

Look in the money cheat lua file.
Look for the area where they change the loan amount.
Find the max and increase it.

Skills need advanced,
you will need winzip, notpad++
basic understanding of lua scripting is helpfull.

ALWAYS save a UNEDITED BACKUP OF FILE you are editing. If it is the whole mod, back up a the whole file, lua or additional scripting files can be saved by renaming the original.

THIS changeing the Mod from the original mod so that your edited verssion and the original will NOT interfer with each other.
Course you should also alter the Store text area if you plan to use both your edited verssion and the original.

--- Code: --- <name><en>FS22 sample mod [color=green]_AlEdit[/color]</en></name>
--- End code ---

thanks for the info


--- Quote from: Mutt on January 11, 2022, 09:08:47 PM ---thanks for the info

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Your welcome.
Hope it helps.


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