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so i finally bought fs22


was in a walmart in salisaw ok yesterday and seen they had it and said oh yeah i need this, lol. so far  like it, other than for some reason all the updates are kicking my wifi for my trucks butt. guess i will have to download it when i get home.

so are there any good mods to download yet, or is it like every other release and most fo them are junk lol.

i definatly like the new fencing tool. that is what we needed for that mess

one question, why in the world hasnt giants made it so you can use a chain to pick up implements to set them on a trailer. shouldnt be that hard to do.

merry christmas y,all

 The JD 8330 on this site is a great mod,;sa=view;id=1858

that Jd is good i like it and i rarely ever go green lol

so after playing for a few days i will say i love the new fencing setup. i will be using alot of fences now lol. also kinda cool you have to pay to use the terrain tools. but will say it is a lot different than all the preivios ones.


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