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Ag Hauler:
Iconik's Transportation Pack;sa=view;down=1820

This pack is for all of you truckers out there farming that are looking for something to do roleplays with. This pack has a large variety of Van and Tanker Trailers plus a Freightliner Coronado Tractor. It appears to be really well done with dynamic hoses and lights, reflective tape and a huge variety of trailer manufacturers details from brand names on the doors and mud flaps to accurate decals for various companies. The Tanker trailers even have different accurately colored and numbered placards depending on what you are hauling whether it be chemical sprays or diesel fuel. The tankers also have overloading capabilities for fueling things like the fuel stations on Nebraska Lands and the Global Company Factories.

Here is the original link where you will also find support from the author

IconiK's Facebook Page and a Donation Link if you are so inclined. If you would take the time to give these guys a like on their Facebook page for the work they do helping to bring variety and adding new dimensions to the game.



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