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GIANTS Editor 8?


Forgive me for my lack of knowledge (have not been terribly active lately).

I see on the GIANTS Developer's Network there is a download available for GIANTS Editor v.8.1.0
I assume that is the new version for Farm Sim on the PC?

Hi, yes Giants Editor 8.1.0 is the current version for use with Farming Simulator 19.

Hey! Welcome back! Long time, no see! Yeah, 8.1.0 is for FS19.

Thank you both, I appreciate it!

Hopefully I can be around a little more, but I can't make any promises...

Ag Hauler:
After having the previous versions for 11 thru 17 I finally downloaded this one for 19. I haven't hardly had any time to mess with it but I just can't find a map that I can really get into. With Global Company and the new production mods out now I really need a good logging and farming map with a bunch of placeable areas. This is still by far my favorite game but I'm afraid that I just can't quite get into it like I used too. Maybe I can edit something into something usable. There are several really good maps out there but the one thing few creators take into account is the placeable lots. If they do then it seems like they don't make any realistic terrain.


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