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Giants Exporter 7.0.5 Will not Export Object Files


I'm trying to export objects from a map and place them in a independent folder. I have done this 100 time with maps from 15 but this editor will not transfer all of the files only the object. am I missing something new or are there others having the same problem?

I tried a different map to export from and it does export some objects but when I open up the extracted item in giants there is nothing there??

Are you answering no when it asks "do you want to get the parent directory structure?". I always select no and don't have a problem with most files. Some it won't copy and you will have to find them manually.

When I do it. Click export selection with files then it will ask something like do you want to get the parent directory structure ? I always click yes and I have not had a problem. It bring everything over. If you do run into that problem it means you have a big file or something and it do have issues with something big sometimes...

I have been exporting them to a new folder on my desktop. I found out the new editor keeps the objects in the same X,Y,Z coordinates that they were in the original map they were exported from. After looking at the file path of the textures in the xml I think the textures are staying in the original map folder they were exported from. ( Giants is not creating a new folder for the files in my newly created folder). I'm not 100% sure on the path because the file path is so long( that may be the problem) the xml sheet has .. before the reaming file path example below. I think what is happening is like Mike said the file I'm extracting from is to large. I never had this problem in FS15.

    <File fileId="8" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/adstrip.png" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="1" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/concrete.png" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="7" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="3" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/frame.png" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="4" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="2" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/trim.png" relativePath="true"/>
    <File fileId="5" filename="../Road4lane/2kMapObjectPack/shed01/" relativePath="true"/>

Thank you for the help.


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