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[W.I.P] Cat Challenger MT 865 500HP. Update 07/23/2014

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Hello friends.
It's me again.
In the name of SMW modding, I start a new project.

Caterpillar Challenger MT 865 500hp.

I started the model today, and I will updating with time, we will detail as much as possible.
Not have release date,

The model is made in Maya 2013 low poly.
But it is quite detailed.

Thanks and comment, your opinion is very important.

Now this one I am excited about. The big challengers are just awesome. Good luck with it!

J Willy:
Looking good. Couple I've tried didn't last as long in game as they did to d/l  :o

Mwahaha Big tractor.  Big is good. Power......... *facepalm* Looks like it will turn out great the mt is a monster! is it going to be mr only?

Looks great so far! I've been looking for a nice Cat tractor. All the ones I've tried aren't that great. Keep up the great work! Will definitely be used on my farm!  (y)


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