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Concerning People Asking to Become Testers

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Since this has become a problem lately, I figured I'd post a thread here in the SMW section of the forum just to explain the situation and my opinion about it.

First off, it is incredibly rude to ask to become a tester. Because as I have said multiple times, good testers are asked: they don't ask themselves. So when someone comes along and asks me if they can test one of SMW's projects, I immediately have suspicions about them.

To me, asking to become a tester is akin to asking for a release date or trying to trade for WIP mods. Those who ask to become testers typically have very little if any skill in testing or modding, and the only main reason they ask to become testers is to get pre-release versions of mods so that 1. they can add to their private/VIP mods collection, 2. so that they can have a new item to trade with, or 3. because they feel that the mod team is taking too long to release a WIP mod.

The reasons I hand out test copies of mods to specific people are as follows:

1. The person has demonstrated themselves to be trustworthy.
2. The person is some sort of friend or acquaintance or even the friend of a friend.
3. The person has demonstrated some noticeable skill in some area of modding whether it be texturing, scripting, modeling, screenshot photography, or some other field related to modding.
4. The person is part of an established mod team or has done independent modding work of some kind that demonstrates quality, even from a distance.

A prime example of this type of person is BigCountry, one of the administrators on this forum. Not only is BigCountry proven himself to be trustworthy simply by the fact that he is a part of the staff of one of the largest modding communities in the FS world, but he also has shown his personal skill in modding through his private projects, his work with LMS Studios, and his assistance in helping forum users fix some of their errors or other issues with their mods.

I can trust BC to test SMW's mods and give a quality opinion regarding them, an opinion that I can use to furnish changes in our mods. But when someone I've never talked to before in my entire time here on AEM asks me to be a tester, there is no way on Earth I'd give them a copy of a WIP mod.

As I said before, trust is a very important part of the testing field. Take for example the controversy with the Giants Titanium DLC pack. Although the person who is responsible for the release of these beta mods to the public was likely more than just a tester, their actions led to the disbursement of a $20 mod pack for free. And the same violation of trust was demonstrated by those who turned Ago's 7R pack into a trading piece when he released donator versions to a few specific people.

Now if for a moment we consider physical objects in need of testing, it is very difficult to draw a parallel between testing a car or another new project and testing a mod. When Ford or GMC or another brand gives a test driver a heavily-masked test version of a new automobile, if for some reason that automobile becomes lost, it would be far easier to recover an automobile than it would be to recover a mod file. A mod file can be copied an inestimable number of times and easily distributed to hundreds, if not thousands of people in a very short amount of time. A car cannot be re-manufactured in a matter of seconds.  This is another reason why not just anyone can be trusted to test a mod: all it takes is one trade and the receptor of that trade can literally release the mod to the world. Thankfully, this has not happened to SMW modding, but it is a possibility and one I am definitely trying to avoid.

Now on a more positive note, I would like to personally thank all of you who have supported the SMW modding team during the past 5 months or so and continuing into the future. We hope to continue to produce high-quality mods for FS 2013 and FS 2015, if there is a such thing, and hopefully our mods will contribute to improving your gaming experience and giving it a more American flavor.

But if you think we are moving too slowly towards releasing our mods, as some of you have hinted in your requests to become testers, then when you make modding a full-time paid career, I can assure you that we will produce mods faster than you can say Kalamazoo. But until that day, please demonstrate some respect for those of us who mod as a hobby and release our mods for the enjoyment of the full FS community, not because we have to do so because of some ordinance. We could easily transition into producing only private mods, and no one could say anything about it. But we don't because we feel that making Farming Simulator a better game for us all is a cause we're committed to. We do this for fun, and when we're ready to release something, we will.

So, as a final word, here's to a great new year for the FS modding world.

Best regards


P.S. All future PMs from people I've never known regarding becoming a tester will be immediately deleted.

Finally someone said something! Very well said. Hopefully people will take a note on this.

IMO, this should be sticked or moved maybe to the rules section? If a new member joins then they will see this and know...

i hear ya. funny thing is those people that ask to test to get a free mod and then dont hear from them again, dont realize its getting released. then they burn that bridge for nothing. well put buddy


--- Quote from: djt14 on January 01, 2014, 05:47:39 PM ---Finally someone said something! Very well said. Hopefully people will take a note on this.

IMO, this should be sticked or moved maybe to the rules section? If a new member joins then they will see this and know...

--- End quote ---

The only problem with that is the majority of the new people who join, either can't / won't read the rules section..... look at the gallery, perfect example.

Most people like you say Josh are just in it for one reason free new unreleased mods.  Me for example when I asked to be part of of your mod team as a unofficial tester I was not interested in getting new mods i was wanting to help improve your mods by finding things that most wouldn't and I did. I have been modding for over 6 years might not have been for for fs for all this time but I have been modding and am known as a good  modder on a lot of the old truck simulators games and I have a very good eye for detail and functionality of things so if you want to be a modder first have an idea of modding second know how things are suppose to work and third don't beg to be on a mod team without know even the smallest things about the game you are asking to be a team of.


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