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Title: Support Topics and Other Forum Rules
Post by: JohnDeere1952 on December 31, 2015, 03:00:49 PM
 Support topics are for reporting a problem or issue with a mod.
 (Section 2) Support Topics
Do not post comments such as "nice mod" or "downloading now."
--Use the rating system on the download page to judge a mod.
Do not demand a change or whine and complain about a mod or map. Constructive Criticism is permitted.
Do not ask where you can find a mod shown in the picture. Use the Find a Mod topic.

 Post saying the mod is no good or is trash etc are not needed. Like stated post,s with specific issues are welcome. If you do not have a specific issue it is better not to post.
 A lot of people complain that more and more modders are going private. Do we ever stop and consider that post,s that trash a mod instead of just pointing out an issue may be one of the reasons we see less mods.
 This might be a good time for all members to look at the forum rules.
 Let's start the New Year out on a positive note.
Title: Re: Support Topics and Other Forum Rules
Post by: AlbertL on December 31, 2015, 03:30:18 PM
Nicly stated my friend. Yet, even when you do that, even video tape the problem, both before and after you fixed it, and are trying to help others to be more aware of technekes that would improve, resolve the issue.

We have just as many Modelers with ego's ten times the size of Texas, as we have those that do not have the time to read 100ers of forums, or understand the basics of modding at all. That expect to have quality workmanship, and to work in the way they understand that mods forefather's, [the real thing} that they used, or have is supposed to. Especially if they have to wait anywhere from 5 minuets to an hour, or more.

I myself, do my best to fulfill that expectation, as far as function...physics.....not all that on cosmetics.

I remember that back in 2011 I went off on modeler a few times out of frustration from so many junk mods....nearly every mod I downloaded required some kind of adjustment....Course I was also working on maps that have  terrain that only about 3% of the community has never experienced.

But I learned...slowly........course some of the comments I got with some my early  edits...

Course I was also a American on a European web sight.........Course me pissing off the head administrator within my first week on the sight didn't help....LMAo.

Anyway, I thank you, and like your new rules. I only ask that when implemented, That folks are always given 10 times the required rope to in turn, hang themselves. Myself, I got a think skin, and a wit, that can slap folks up side the head so hard they fall out there chairs......course, that's only the ones smart enough to understand it.

Anyway, Just wanted to say Good job.

Happy New Year EVERYONE......
Title: Re: Support Topics and Other Forum Rules
Post by: JohnDeere1952 on February 15, 2016, 05:01:43 PM
 All members please read the forum rules as there has been an addition to rules concerning the PM privilege.
Requesting a private mod through PM is against rules also.
 If you are buddies or friends then it is your choice to share private mods.
 If any body gets request for a private mod seen in the gallery or other photo's, that PM abuse may get reported.