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Help adding color selection


 I have pushed my old brain to the limit trying how to add color selection to a vehicle or implement. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thx in advance. *facepalm*

This ??

 I tried watching that one, but my brain could not comprehend it all. Thanks for posting, maybe somebody else will understand it better than me. Getting old ( 70 yrs ) is a bummer in some respects.

When doin colors, start with a mod thay has the texture paths already in the xml.
You'll find these do toward the bottom just before the id3 paths.

Look at base game trucks you'll see the base configuration I'm talking about.

I'd be more than happy to help ya more.

 I have got to where I can add 1 color but now it is multiple color configurations being a real headache. *facepalm*


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