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Hey American Eagles, As of late I've noticed there's a movement growing for vintage FS 2013 mods, so I figured why not start a topic that is devoted to specifically helping locate vintage mods.  Basically everything is the same as the "Find A Mod" section, except for this is devoted for those interested in scrounging around for pre-1980 mods.  So if you happen to find a mod you want to share or if you created one feel free to drop some links.  As always ask around if you are looking for something pre 1980, the community will help as much as they can....

Reminder: Mod requests are not allowed on this forum. Do not ask for mods to be made. Only ask for help in finding mods you may have seen in the gallery or a YouTube video or that you may have had at one time and lost and can no longer find the link. -- BigCountry

I'm looking for anything Allis, doesn't matter which version of the game, I can convert it if need be.

In my personal collection I have a redone cultivator from an italian site, and a sower for 2011.  I have some things from a certain member here but they are his own private mods, so I would have to ask him.  I'll ask him first and if he doesn't I have to respect his privacy. 

Anyways have you seen the allis 7060's (fs 2011 section) on this site for DL?  They are a bit touchy when converting them to 2013 and need a lot of conversion work, but they are really awesome.

I tried converting them a couple times and they have loads of errors each time.

Yeah probably the best bet would be for someone to contact the author and do a ground up overhaul... you know using the model etc.  Here's the link to the Allis All-Crop

And here's an allis Baler for 2011 (Makes small bales so you might have to do alot of tinkering to get it to work for 2013)

Here's an allis disk harrow done up for 2013


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