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[Released] Grain System Pack

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To further introduce our group to the AEM community we have decided to share a WIP with you guys of a project that has been in progress for awhile.  This project is going to be a pack for the grain farmer and small farmers out there.  As of right now we have a 60ft diameter 165k bu bin with an air system on it, and a Mathews 101050 Tower Dryer.  This pack will slowly gain more items probably some smaller bins along with other grain system items.  More information to come.

Here are some pictures for you guys to see what has been going on.

Dang that looks awesome guys! Looks like what we have on the farm. Good stuff!

Lone Tree Ridge Farms:
They look awsome as always.

will these bins be placeable or have to be added through GE?


--- Quote from: parksee11 on January 17, 2017, 11:13:07 PM ---will these bins be placeable or have to be added through GE?

--- End quote ---

As or right now GE for sure but we might do a placeable.  We are unsure at this point.


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