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Bourgault DLC Issues


I've been playing with the Bourgault seeders and I've noticed one issue. On the 3320 drill the shanks don't go all the way into the ground along with the midrow banders they seem to float just above the ground even when lowered. Has anyone else noticed this? Its unfortunate that I cant get to the .xml files an I would be able to fix this issue.

I haven't seen that, but it would be an issue to send to Giants or whoever created the mods.

I have had issuers of them both skipping when I have places in my fields that overtax the limits of the flexing in the wings and the work area markers get lifted to high.

I just copy my cultivator, and fruit density files from my saved game and paste it into the map's area, where those files are created, of the unzipped map.
Then smooth out the skip areas in GE.
Once finished I copy the map_Dem and rename its terrain.heightmap. This will bring your terrain heigh you just smoothed out in GE to your saved game.

If the issue is really a problem, take photos, screenshots, video, and post them On the Giants Developers website.


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