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I'm back at working on converting the map to FS19. I have all the sell triggers, but a couple more to do. I'll have some new pics up soon. I don't know to put building in where the old one was at or just leave it without building the farms up so you all can put the buildings and silos in as you want them. I've taken the fences out so you can put the lots in where you want them. I could use some input from the ones that has play the 15 and 17 maps. 

I like how you want to set things up. I recommend a map for you, it is called Missouri River Bottoms. It is a big map. extremely hilly in some spots with irregular fields. It is a map that I highly recommend. It has been a while but I am looking forward to your work. Take care and have a happy 4th.

Ag Hauler:
I think this is probably the map slowboat is talking about. It's a pretty decent map.


--- Quote from: Ag Hauler on July 03, 2020, 10:55:17 PM ---I think this is probably the map slowboat is talking about. It's a pretty decent map.

--- End quote ---
Ag Hauler yes that is the map I was talking about.

   I have put the farmhouse from the US map for starter at the main farm. It can be sold and you can put a better farmhouse as you play. I have udated the horse farm just north of the main farm, it has a riding arena inside.
   I have added needed crops for maizePlus. I go to add the cornbean straw bales to the map. I have just got map down sized from 3.5 gigs to 2 gigs. It has zip down to around little over 1.0 gig. The map has no errors in GE and in game. It's looking good so far.
   If anyone knows how to get a hold of Lancybol, He is the author of, FS19_StoneValley_Farming_Agency_Edition map. I have used 3 building of his from the map and I would like to have permission to use them.
   I'll get some more pictures up as soon as I can. Thanks for reading this.


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