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Uniform FillTypes initiative by FalPos


Hello community, I want to share with you this initiative to standardise the filltypes, pallet and extra fruit types. Talking yesterday with Dajnet to ask him to contribute with some of his collection of filltypes

We have setup a discord channel in English to compile as much filltypes we can and we will create in the future and auto seal that the mod have standard naming in filltypes, pallets and fruitypes. Giants software manager was this morning at our forum and they are aware about this initiative and they say that they will be very happy if the modding community agrees to make this type of auto regulation.
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Hello Everyone , for a long time some mappers / modders have been trying to achieve a uniform naming of FillTypes on the cards. So far unsuccessful. Among other things, this is due to the fact that people drop from the start, on the grounds that this would not be feasible anyway.

Of course, it is not feasible if you wave right away and there are mappers / modders who cook their own soup with regard to FillTypes. I am thinking of Svapa, who changed old FillTypes that were already known and common in the LS17 in productions so that they were no longer compatible with other productions. Only with the goal that you should only use your mods. But I am also thinking of the FED mods, which, for example, uses a German-English name for the general fill type "emptyPallet" for empty pallets, namely LeerPallet.

Giants uses purely English names for your FillTypes as standard. Everyone should continue on this path. I personally think a mix of English and German names is counterproductive. So the User Prom from LSMC contacted me today and asked for an adjustment of the FillTypes for wooden pallets on my Oberthal card. I just looked at it and here as an example a comparison between FED Mods, LSMC and LSMT.

FillType for board pallets:

- FED-Mod - bretterPallet
- LSMC - boardsPallet
- LSMT - boards
I don't know how many different names there are. I personally consider the FillType boardsPallet to be the optimal solution and I would recommend this FillType as generally applicable. Just like emptyPallet for empty pallets, as it has been used for years.

Of course I am aware that a switch to generally applicable FillTypes cannot be done overnight. But every mapper or modder brings updates of his mods to the market, where you can gradually change these fill types. Here, of course, the will of the modders and the understanding of the players is required.

How should the whole thing be implemented?

My idea is that representatives of all initially German-speaking forums get together and develop uniform FillTypes. It should only be about the names, not the graphics used for the Hudfiles. A list of recommended FillTypes is created, which everyone can use, but does not have to. Each modder / mapper who follows this list can make a certificate in the form of a graphic (which still has to be created) on the preview picture of the respective mod, from which it is clear to the players that the fill types of the mod are compatible with other mods are. Here, of course, the honesty of the modders is also required, since there will be no body that controls this. But I think every modder / mapper who is self-respecting and works honestly,

Ultimately, it is about increasing the fun for everyone and we all have it in our hands to finally have uniform standards at FillTypes. It has been talked about for a long time, but no one has taken the initiative. Shaking your head and saying that nothing will be much easier than finally acting.

Perhaps it would be interesting to see whether you could bring Giants on board and maybe even support us in this.

MfG [LSMT] FalPos


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