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How to keep auger going???


Hi All,
   Have a question for all of you who are most likely smarter than me on this. I brought my mayrath auger to the field. I am picking up barley straw and want to unload it to the auger then have a semi under the auger. I can unload into auger but it stops at 2000. Then I have to jump into tractor running the auger to unload the 2000 thats in the auger.
    I tried switching to manual starting and leaving the auger tractor running but i still have to get out and hop into to auger tractor to unload. Any way to keep this all going?

thanks for any help


Jared G:
If I remember right, you are using the mayrath auger that is set up light a tipper, it needs to be unloaded every time.
If you were to use the batco conveyers or the augers from Southsask Modding, they are set up like overloaders and do not need the input.

Link to SouthSask


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