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WIP-FS19 Missouri USA


I decided to hold off the 4X maps until Giants  get the error fixed.
I started a 2X map from a real terrain from around here local area. It not going to be exact to where the farms are. I have moved the 4 lane to more center of map and the roads goes both ways. I will have a train or 2 in for good measure. I have started the main farm with a long drive. It only the beginning. It has all the crops I have posted. I have a few pictures now. I will add more as I go along, so you can see the progress.

I really like that map overlay for the basis of a US style map.  Some big fields and a little forestry on the west side.  The winding river through the map will be a challenge to recreate, but will add a lot of character to the map.

Here is some more pictures as I got done today. The orange looking ground is leaves that is where the trees goes.


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