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FS17_Missouri River Bottom Final Revised V8


I have decided to do a little updating on map. I have change the starting money to $3,000,000 to map for Normal, easy is more and hard in less. You will start in front of Real Estate Office, you will need to go to one of the 4 farms to start game. A real estate sign in front of farm house you will need to buy farm. The sign will change from For sale to sold sign when purchased. Each farm will have different sizes so the cost will be different. I will put the mod in for FS17_startPointSave so you will start with vehicle each time you come back in game. The only vehicle you will have is the old white lizard pickup (ford pickup). You will need to buy the equipment you want out of the shop. I have added the Brahma, pony, and goat to map. I have added alfalfa and clover, I removed dinkel and Triticale. I did not add hemp to map and you won't have hemp paper. I have add clothes, french fries, and potato chips. I have added grass textures to map. I am now trying to rework the field area sizes. It will be longer than I stated before, be patient.

First of all, JB I want to thank you for all the hard work you are putting into theses maps.
I know its hard and painstaking slow and tedious work.

 But your talent as a map maker shines like bright light in the wilderness.
 The bulk pallet process is also the only way to go.

If I can be of any assistance, I'll be glad to do so.



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