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I want you all to know this is the last update on Bates Cass County USA. I have also decided to not do anymore mods for 17 and 18. I feel that I should step back and not post so much since I have taken a spot on the staff of AEM. I for one, looking for Farming Simulator 19.

Firstly I came here awhile back lookin for a Bullwagon and got hooked on your maps.

And, on the No. 8, the first thing I checked was the sheep pen to look see ifen it was proper.
and it R, therefore there's no need to get the razor strap down from the nail in the bathroom (wink).

But why would you want to quit posting is beyond me.
Few people take the time to help, explain or give advice on things, which is something that you are kind enough to do.

Oh, and one more thing. Taking all the wheels of my lawyer son's Beamer or what ever he calls it kinda ended our financial arrangement where as I'd leave him alone if he bought me computer parts and games and such.
That kid always was a crybaby.

Therefore, I may need to borrow thirty bucks when 19 comes out.
I didn't wanta sneak up on ya like a Indian which I am by the way,
So I figured I'd give ya heads up in advance.
Deal ?  ::)

Great map by the way.   (y)


I'm just going to take a back seat and I will give advice if I can. I will try to post something new from time to time, but not as much as I was. Thanks for liking my stuff. I can't wait until 19 comes out so I can learn all over again. LOL


--- Quote --- so I can learn all over again. LOL
--- End quote ---

That's the bad part, after 9, 11, and then 13, I kinda took to the sideline.
I've lost my memory and train of thought, I just can't remember anymore.
But I can test and have the patience of Job and never get mad or upset. (HINT)
And I don't say mean things, but I will pull your leg if given half a chance.

Did I ever tell ya about the time I ran a combine for the real Jews over in Israel ?
When we first met, they wanted to take me to doctor because of  the growth on my face, or so they thought.
I had to spit out a whole chaw to show'em it was just chew.


Is the grain storage at the Brahma farm supposed to be functional? Its not working for us....


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