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I'm trying to edit the Case IH combine from the titanium pack I downloaded and can't seem to find the files.  I'm just trying to add some different crops to it.  If this is even possible to find the file I need some help thanks.

If i remember try going to your files then when you hit fs13 it says mods then pdlc there were be your files now i dont know if this works but try and see

you cant edit the ingame vehicle but you dont have to try very hard to find the hacked 9230 and magnums on google

Okay yeah I have seen those the only reason I wanted to default model was due to the unloading animations and none of the hacked versions seem to have the animation.

try going to ls2013 and typing in caseih 9230 and some should pop up and then you can go and edited that hope it helps :)


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