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[RELEASED] 2010 F-250 King Ranch Super Duty

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King of the Road—and the Ranch

Presenting the 2010 Ford F-250 King Ranch Super Duty 6.4L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel SRW 4X4 by Lazymod Studios. The real king of toughness that holds a level of class on its own.

Developed and Released by Lazymod Studios 2014: BigCountry, Mwlacy, Looseterror, TwistedGA, ThompsonM06, Isotope

Model & Texture: Mwlacy

Ingame & Scripting: BigCountry & Mwlacy


•   Manual Ignition
•   Parking Brake
•   Selectable 4x4
•   Dynamic/Real Exhaust smoke particle system
•   Wheel Dust Particles
•   Extra Light Script: Turn Signals, Work Lights, Hazards, Strobes
•   Realistic 6.4L Powerstroke turbo diesel engine sounds
•   Detailed Interior

***As this is still a WIP, the images shown may not represent all the features or look of the final released mod.***

That's one sweet truck! Great work!

Diesel Boss:
Very nice! Will go right along with my F-550!

Looks like I can scrap the box that I was trying to make now! Looks good and fairly complete?

Can't wait for release.

looks great guys keep up the great work look forward to using it on the farm


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