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Ok ladies and gents. The topic of this discussion is trucks. Let me make this clear to everyone this site is not a truck simulator site. This is a farming simulator site so therefore make sure everyone stay on course of what the site is meant for. A truck at a lake with other trucks don't have nothing to do with farming simulator. Trucks hauling another truck on a trailer don't have nothing to do with farming simulator. I'm saying this is all about farming not how we build trucks. So just letting everyone know if your picture disappear now you know why MIKELOWERY did it. Let get back to farming, can we do this without any issues that is all I want. Its ok to have trucks using for something on the farm that is not a problem. I like to thank eveyone for what they contribute to the site on a daily bases. Oh yea I forgot one thing the famous line of PAUL HARVEY "Good Day"


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