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OFFICAL: Farming Simulator Steering Wheel Survey!

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johndeere 4255:
Ok guys as you probably already know as per a previous post on the forum, Giants is asking for your inputs on a new steering wheel being developed specifically for Farming Simulator. This steering wheel has many unique features that will make your virtual Farming so much easier, and not to mention more realistic. It will feature at least 3x more buttons than the Logitech g27 racing wheel!
Of course the wheel is still only a concept, production would only begin if and when Giants receives enough support for such a steering wheel.

Here is the link to the official survey from Giants. Please fill one out no matter your opinion.

Here's a pic of the steering wheel. However it's still a concept and subject to change at any time.

i will deffintely buy that that looks awesome

wow that looks  cool. i just hope it's not super expensive. anything over $100 and i wouldnt pay for it.whoah, just took the survey, $250 for a wheel is pretty high. but i'm glad they see the need for a steering wheel since so many have started using them since FS13 came out.

 A option of color would be cool and maybe a bundle pack to help people save a little money, like include the latest game, the wheel, and maybe a sticker or something..

id pay 250 for it it looks awesome

It looks interesting. If it would have remotes for the hydraulics and switches for the lights I might look into it. Would be a cool addition to the game though!  :)


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