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[RELEASED] Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn

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Presenting the Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel SRW 4x4 with Hillsboro flatbed by Lazymod Studios. The new King of FS13 farm trucks!

Developed and Released by Lazymod Studios 2014: BigCountry, Mwlacy, Looseterror, TwistedGA, ThompsonM06, Isotope

Model & Texture: Mwlacy
Ingame & Scripting: BigCountry


* Manual Ignition
* Parking Brake
* Selectable 4x4
* Selectable Exhaust Brake sounds
* Dynamic/Real Exhaust smoke particle system
* Wheel Dust Particles
* MP Passenger Script
* Extra Light Script: Turn Signals, Work Lights, Hazards, Strobes
* Detailed Engine with animated hood
* Animated flip out tow mirrors
* Realistic Cummins turbo diesel engine sounds
* Working front winch capable of recovering another vehicle while truck remains static
* Winch extends, retracts, raises, lowers and swings left or right
* Washable with dirty skin textures
* Easily modifiable exterior skin texture capable of two tone, patterns and logos
* Detailed Interior
* MP Ready
* flatbed object attacher and dynamic attacher for wool pallets

The following picture is an example of an edited exterior texture and not of the version that will be released.

The following image shows the truck using the front winch to recover a utility tractor from a canal.

* As this is still a WIP, the images shown may not represent all the features or look of the final released mod.

Additional images and details of the DRW version will be presented in this topic at a later date.

Lookin good BigCountry

Oh wow!! Idk what to really even say, I'm speechless! Looks amazing!

Holy Moly, My life just got a whole lot better. I have always been loyal to Ram/Cummins and have always wanted a super high quality one for the game. This looks great and Mwlacy did a fabulous job on the model. cant wait for more pics. Thanks, KJ.  :)

Wow that looks amazing I would download the crap out of that!!!


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