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[WIP] LTD Anhydrous Applicator Tool Bar w/ Tank Cart

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Introducing the first completely scratch built Anhydrous application system for FS13 by Lazy Mod Studios. The brand of this implement is LooseTerror Designs (LTD) as it is modeled as a custom shop built tool assembled by a farmer. It is modeled after and closely resembles the Blu-Jet anhydrous tool systems but is not an exact match to any specific model.

This mod will be used for applying anhydrous (liquid fertilizer) to your fields before or after planting depending on your playing preference, to improve your crop yields.

The model and AO texturing are complete and we are testing various script configurations and specializations. Currently, the applicator is what applies the anhydrous, but only works if connected to the tank cart, which must first be filled from the storage tanks at the farm or a refill tanker truck. The cart has animated gauge needles that display the tanks fill level.

Both tools will have light script V3 for brake lights, indicators, and hazards. Applicator connects to the tractor's 3pt hitch, raises/lowers, folds/unfolds, and has animated disks.

The anhydrous cart serves as a nurse tank to the applicator only, not a sprayer itself.

More details will be provided once scripting is determined and finalized.

For now, here's a few in game images:

The applicator may or may not have the "cultivator" function which is shown here. Or, you may have the option for it to perform cultivation/anhydrous or just anhydrous application.

I'll take 2 in red I like them  looks great

Looks incredible. I have been waiting forever for these to get finished up and I'm really excited to see them almost done. Loose did a awesome job on the models and the textures look great. Fabulous work guys. KJ.  :)

Oh yes!!! Thank you thank you I've been waiting for an AA applicator! That looks great I can't wait!

It's beautiful! Great idea. :)


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