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[RELEASED] 2010 Ford F350 SRW & DRW Flatbeds

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2010 Ford F350 SRW & DRW Flatbeds


* Realistic 6.4 diesel engine sounds
* Detailed interior
* Light script featuring turn signals, hazards, strobes, fog lights, bed light
* Gooseneck and bumper hitches
* Extra weight script for heavy load hauling (DRW only)
* Refuel trigger (DRW only)
* Bale/equipment bed lock down (SRW only)
* Highly detailed UV unwrap textures
* Easily editable body color texture
Model & Texture by: Mwlacy
Scripting & In Game by: BigCountry
2014 LazyMod Studios: TwistedGA, Looseterror, Isotope, ThompsonM06, BigCountry, Mwlacy

Model - 100%
Scripting - 100%
Testing - 95%


Looks good guys, any interiors on these ones?

they look nice ill be using the srw one for sure really like the modeling on the beds and everything

lso seeing i can change the body color is wonderful because all my fords are red

P.S. theres a problem with your description they didnt have the 6.0s in 2010 the had 6.4 from 08 to 10


--- Quote from: Mrfoodtester on January 12, 2014, 10:11:53 AM ---Looks good guys, any interiors on these ones?

--- End quote ---

How's this work for ya?

looks like my f-150 is getting a big brother I approve


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