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I suppose it is about time I created a WIP topic for my grain elevator components.  The models are designed to be placed in the map via G.E. (These will not be placeable mods).  All the parts are separate, allowing for each individual to customize the silo complex to their individual needs.  Whether you would like a small farm setup or a full blown grain elevator, you can get it done with this pack.

Pack objects include:

* Commercial sized bin
* Tall bin
* Medium bin
* Small bin
* Overhead hopper bottom bin
* Grain pit
* Grain elevator
* Legs
* 2 chain conveyors pieces with platforms
* Tower dryer
* Regular grain dryer
* Conveyor for the dryers
* Bin discharge chutes
Additional parts to come.

Fraser Cow:
Wow that's really nice man, keep it up.

Looks excellent marc cant wait!!

Looks very nice Thompson nice work indeed :)

If you read the original post it clearly states more parts to come.  Some of those things are already planned.  I will do my best to provide a greater variety of objects from the fs11 pack, but understand that I will not be able to completely satisfy everyone.  If I tried, I would never finish this pack.  I need to draw the line somewhere.


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