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Despite half the LMS team having to take the summer off, I have been able to prepare the following mod for release which will happen very soon once final testing has been completed.

The mod is a 2010 Ford F150 XLT crew cab with a 5.4 Triton V-8. The sounds are made to depict the truck having aftermarket air intake and exhaust upgrades. A custom modeled bed tool box is included and possibly a back rack in the final version. The truck has a rear bumper ball hitch for towing trailers and there is also a gooseneck hitch attacher but no modeled part just in case you want to tow a small gooseneck or camper. The truck is not designed/tuned to haul a large flatbed towing equipment just as in real life.

The model was created in 3ds Max and has been textured with a combination of AO and UV unwrap textures. The final file size currently sits at just above 3MB and will be 100% error free.

My only hold on releasing this truck is ensuring that the strobe lights can be included while making sure everyone is able to use the light script that runs it without problems.

I was one the guys had problems with the lights on the pj.
Would be happy to test for you big C.

Awesome work matt! im not a ford guy at all but you got me sold on this. I will defintley use her 24/7. I hope your able to keep the strobes on it as that is a really nice feature. you could possibly have 2 versions in one pack, one with, and one without strobes. btw very very nice map. KJ.  :)

What map is that buddy?


--- Quote from: f350guy on August 19, 2013, 02:09:51 PM ---What map is that buddy?

--- End quote ---

SweetwaterV2. Please stick to the topic. You can send a PM or use the find a mod topic in the future. Thanks.


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