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Well guys, I recently downloaded the latest version of Sketchup, and to my surprise, it is 1000 times better.

Now instead of having to fight with the troubles of converting .dae to .blend, you can go straight from Sketchup into .3ds, .obj, and a few other formats.

They have really cleaned up the interface, and I think it will make all of our modding projects a lot easier.

I wanted to pass it along, especially for those like me who have had all kinds of issues with the .dae format.

So anyways, happy farming everyone.


--- Quote from: kiddsick on June 26, 2013, 03:33:20 PM ---so still no way to go directly from that format to .i3d then?  :(

and on that note a somewhat off topic question,i found a sketchup model of a cat challenger 65c....but it looked really cartoonish,is that kind of normal for sketchup models?

--- End quote ---
i3d exporter is giants software not skp.
there are exports that giants provids for blender, 3dmax and Maya.

thanks for the information mate.

Yeah no problem.

Kiddsick, to convert from Sketchup to i3d, Giants would have to make a plugin for Sketchup, and so far they've only made one for the big name 3d modeling programs.

In fact, the Blender exporter is outdated. It only works for version 2.62, and 2.67 is already out.

One more thing also.

About the cartoonish look, a lot of warehouse models I use are pretty decent quality, but it depends on the person who made them.

My main two modelers are Peterbilt1993 and CoolBeans. Snake has some pretty good stuff too.

But even with good models, I have to do a lot of cleanup work to get rid of unnecessary faces and vertices.


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