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Lazymod Studios would like to present to the community the LMS Seedmod.
We have been planning and developing this extensive mod since the release of FS13.
Hold on to your hats, it's time to break this thing down! Please feel free to leave feedback,
good or bad it is very much welcome as we continue to develop and deploy this modification.
Everything shown will be fully Multi-player compatible.

*Images may not reflect final features of finished mods for release.

Here we have the Seedbin, a 1400 liter container made form hard molded plastic, capable of
fast deployment to SeedTenders or Seeders allowing AirFill, each bin is stamped with a Brand and Fill Type for easy identification.
You will have to use your smart phone and our Seed Store Direct app, to order seedbins.
We currently have three different brands of seed to offer. (Pioneer, Becks, Dekalb)
All brands have a direct effect on the yeilds, so make sure to pay attention to fruit quality when shopping.
Once you have placed your order, the bins will be delivered to the seed store for your pick up.
The seedstore is open between the hours of 7am and 5pm daily, so please schedule your pickup times accordingly.
You can return your seedbins at any time via the SSD app, or directly to the return location at the seed store.
Core value is based on the seed remaining, and in the instance of SSD app returns, a small pickup fee is required.

The Seedstore is open 7am to 5pm daily. Seedbins can be picked up and returned at this
location at anytime during these hours. Please allow 2-3 business days for fullfillment of your order.
A notification will appear on your SSD app when the order is ready for pickup so check it often for updates.

The seedtender trailer is a bulk seed handler. At the farm you will fill the seed tender
from the seedbins. The seedtender can then be used to fill the planters, try not to over
fill more then you will be planting, but if you do, it can be emptied back into
bin for storage again.

These cost 1 dollar, no maintence and they are placeable.  Put these next to your feilds
to know which brand you have planted, once harvested they can easily be sold and a
different one placed.

Kinze 3600 / Kinze 3200 planters:
Two planters, one for corn/beets and another for all other crops except potatoes
they will be filled from the seedtender

Trucks/Transport Trailers
These are for you to transport the seedbins from the seed store to your farm/warehouse.
(LMS placeable morton buildings make for great storage!)

Concept/design Looseterror
Scripting/Functionality TwistedGA
Tester/Advertising BigCountry

assistance provided by:
Caribcunak - seedbin model
BigCountry - xml and ingaming work
Looseterror - CornPro model
           SeedTender model
           Kinze 3600 model
           Kinze 3200 model
           Brand signs model
           SeedStore model

*Video will be uploaded Soon showing in game footage of both Sp & MP functions

Absolutely amazing. I wish I knew half the stuff you guys did. I just might have to buy 13 and try this out.

This is an amazing mod and should be the BEST mod to come out for 13 period! Now for some observations from the photos... The seed tender trailer looks small to me, now I know Big C that you strive to make things as close to scale as possible so it could just be me. I am sure that the seed, seed store, phone app, seedtender trailer, signs, and seed bins will be included in the pack, but what about that small equipment trailer and the redone Ford truck? If they are not included its no biggie to me since there is stuff already available to haul the bins, I was just wondering. All and all, I hope to see this mod in the download section and love the mods being turned out by LMS. As always keep up this amazing work!

Everything shown will be included ;)

and perhaps some more that isn't..


you guys are amazing modders!


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