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grande prairie farm :fence i want to remove in field



hello  everyone
so anyone have grande prairie farm ?. but any way theres  a fence that divides the 2 fields that i want to convert into one big field. but i cannot  because who ever made this map decide to put a fence at the 2 fields . i want to take it out so how would i do that, just like i do with the trees; cut them down. i want to say fields 23 and 25. i know its 23 but not sure about the other field. if not,  maybe i can contact the person who made the map. 


Load the map in Giants Editor and delete away.

hello arcllight:

i have re read my post its a little choppy, confusion, but anyway. so u said load in giants editor ok so kind f new with giants editor thing load game in giants editor how would i do that? next how do i delete what i dont want? next how about the game i have that iam using now will i lose anything thing or the game ? as u can see iam new messing with giants editor. and how about a tutor.

sorry about that iam not as experiance as other members are .


this is a lot easier, but be careful
You can delete things by accident


--- Quote from: flatbush71 on February 28, 2021, 07:12:43 PM ---this is a lot easier, but be careful
You can delete things by accident

--- End quote ---
Thank you for sharing that link. (y)


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