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Having Troubles Converting a Mod


Hey everyone, new here but I have been looking for a First Person only mod for quite a while and the best I could find was for Farming Simulator 2013.

I am not sure how to convert this or if there is a first person only mod available for FS19 already.

Any help is greatly appreciated, also add me on Discord if needed: Schpune#1795


johndeere 4255:
Hi, and welcome to the site!! Glad to have ya!! A quick "Fix", and Im sure youre aware of it, would be to turn off the reset camera option in game, that way every time you enter and exit a vehicle it would be in the inside view,  if thats the view you were using. As far as that mod goes it looks like the lua needs some updating...not a scripter but I will keep digging and looking around...sure cant find much as far as a fs19 version unfortunately.

Thanks for the comment!!! I am looking to get this first person only mod included into a "hardcore" farming simulator 19 server with about 10 or 15 friends of mine. I haven't been able to find anything helpful out there either, thanks for looking though!


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