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Need help with triggers not working


Ok, so I am building a custom grain bin set up. I took the GC Dryer and bin set up, removed what I didn't like and added in bigger bins, legs, etc. Well I also wanted a scale before the unload point and also the Meridian bulk bins so I can fill fertilizer and lime right at my bin set up
So the dryer system works just fine, but I can't get the triggers to work for the scale or bulk bins.
All the nodes line up in the .XML file, triggers show in GE, yet the scale won't weigh and I can't load fertilizer or lime in game.
Haven't modded since fs13 so really need some help. Can't find any tips online.

Ok, I am nearly as outdated on my skills then you are lol.

Ok, cheek your collision masking on both your vehicle as well as triggers...
Also, enable developer controls so you can hit your f5 key and SEE the collision masks, triggers in-game.
Make sure they are not too high, or too low to be activated by the vehicle.

Scales, cheek your Lua files. Sometimes they require a file path ether from the trigger to the Lua file or the Lua. directs the functions back to the trigger.
Now, this was done in GE back in 2013, now this is done with the XML, and the maps XML under
--- Code: ---<hotspots>
--- End code ---
I would think. As the selling places, silo's, as well as sell triggers, are have been listed there in most of the maps I have edited for 19.

Just a smie-educated guess my friend.
Hope it helps a bit.

Also, check out the updated tutorials from Giants.
This is an 11 video playlist,

Farming Simulator 19 - Modding Tutorial 4.0 [Englisch/English]

Good luck, and welcome back.


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