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Did you know, that you can turn back time in FS ?


Tom Cat:

Always playing realtime (only skip night, now and then ..) but hit the accelerate time button by accident today - lost 4 hours of realtime gaming .. Playing seasons, so couldn't afford to lose 4 hours in the spring ..

First solution was to to "GOOGLE THAT" in 40 different ways ... No one has had this problem (it seems)

So - looked in the gamesave file - and in the careerSavegame.xml there is a "daytime" line .. The number in this line represents minutes since last time it was midnight .. So, my daytime number was 908.362671 .. And as I wanted to set the time 4 hours back, it was 60 x 4 = 240 .. And then 908 - 240 = 668 ..

Setting the number to 668.362671 set the time precisely 4 hours back ..

Don't think it's wise to go further back than midnight (0.000000) but haven't tried  ..  :o

Just thought I'll let you know, in case you didn't know, and needed the information ..

Tom Cat

Ag Hauler:
This is good to know. Thank You. I play in real time mostly also


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