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FS17 unload/emptying seeder/planter


Tom Cat:
Well ..

Someone asked me, why seeders/planters couldn't be emptied in FS .. And this is correct - only one seeder (FS15 Horsch Pronto) was able to be emptied again - at least the only one I know of ..

Now I can see that a mod for FS19 is out, that allows you to unload the seeder - but I haven't seen any seeders in FS17 that has this function ..

Been thinking about it, and searched the net, but hasn't been able to find a solution ..

So has anybody come across a seeder with this function - or found a mod that add this globally ?

Or has anybody (or somebody you know of) found a way that could make this happen ?

Regards - Tom Cat

FS19 didn't need a mod in order to unload seeders/sprayer, it was built into it since day one. That said, there are many ways to make a seeder/sprayer unload, Giant's chose to empty into pallets (creates seed/fertilizer pallets, places them on either side of the unit when unloading). This is logical.

When FS19 first came out, I liked the way the seeders/sprayers unloaded and incorporated the same system in FS17 - giving all seeders/sprayers the ability to unload into pallets. I started this by perusing the FillUnit specialization, paying attention to unloadFillUnits(), creating my own pallets for various unloadable fillTypes (I liked the "stacked bag" style pallets for seed/dry fertilizer), etc. This script is a new specialization, gets loaded into seeders/sprayers at the beginning of the game (via another separate registration script).

Only one bit of conflict encountered, with the GameExtension mod, had to incorporate a slight code overwrite/injection from my registration script to alleviate. Forget what the issue was, was probably a showstopper, but the overwrite fixed it. If you have issues when creating your own method, I can look into it the overwrite and pass along the info to you.

Tom Cat:
He he he ...  :P

Hey alfalfa6945 - was almost certain that you would provide me with some kind of answer .. You are so "d..." clever, and handles these scripts with such an ease ..

Has read a lot of your "proof of concept" comments - but hasn't got the ability to keep up with you ..

And of course; you will not provide me with a "ready to eat" solution - you are not a modder, and don't make mods .. Right .. ?

I'm not a scripter - just a not so clever gamer, that can do small things in GE, and a bit in .XML files (only corrections)

But thanks for your answer - I had the feeling it could be done - sadly still don't know how to begin, or how to end ..

Tom Cat


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