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NEDERLAND V1.1.0.0 FS17 wip
Hello all
What’s present in the map already
– Farm
– Machine shop
– two Contractors
– Garden Centre
– Sawmill + Pallet factory
– Horse riding school
– Shell factory
– two sellpoints
– Large potato and sugar beet storage
– Machines for fertilizer, seed, liquidFertilizer
– Camping
– Compostmaster
– Small potato or sugar beet storage
– Cows, sheep that from someone else
– Cows, Sheep, Chickens
– Extra slurry storage. This can be found if you drive under the railway
– Feed mixer

Change log v1.1.0.0
Dynamic sky
new textures
changed staw shed on the farm
changed ditches and ponds, posible to mowing the dikes around the map
map fully drawed now, by ditches,streets and buildings
shop is changed a little bit

A video of beginning of the makeover  8)

The map looks great. I can see that it looks just like home to you all.


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