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Afther a copple of weeks of trouble shooting about Dutch-Modding Has Mike decide to quit and retire of the site, and afther some difficults between Mike and the company where he did get the software of the site, was there no options take over the licenses of this software, so we decide to go on with the Team with a other name and a new site, the name is DutchEagleModding same name as new website with .com , where talked alot with Mike Lowery about this, and our patner ship goes on.

with best regards Evert71(DEM_Evert)

This team is a very good group of guys.. That are very funny. I am helping them with different maps that are going to be released soon. I SO if we can share mods on there site. They are part of our team as well.. DUTCH EAGLE MODDING... Thanks in advance..

 I am sure this will be a long and beneficial partnership. Welcome

I'll be looking forward to working with you all in the future.

does this mean this site is no longer  American Eagles modding ? confused I am here.


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