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Ag Hauler:
Has anybody seen any Gameplay videos etc from FarmCon yet? I've seen several lists of things put out of new features but no pictures of anything yet.

This was posted earlier on FSUK

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Re: Farming Simulator 19: Hopes, Dreams and Rumours!
« Reply #661 on: July 14, 2018, 04:24:44 pm »

Unofficial information direct from the FarmCon presentation (from a German YouTuber):

As well as buying land and building your own farm, it looks like you place animal areas as well.
You can spread lime and it is confirmed that trees and buildings will stop rain.
There is full character customisation in terms of overall body, hair, face and working clothes.
There are further refinements to handling to add realism, and apparently less chance of things going airborne.

Can someone who speaks German pull anything else out of this?

Thanks to RainbowDave for the translation.


Translated from german:

-Weeds can only be removed with the harrow when it is still young.
-Lime was added and the gmk / mk mod should be implemented
-One can e.g. configure a structure for fertilizer spreaders
-You can expand fields
-In the mission system, you can choose whether you want to work with your own vehicles or if you want to use those of the field owner and the time limit has been removed
-There is an animal limit for stables
-You can create teams in multiplayer mode
-You can build / expand your own yard
-The floor adapts to the buildings to be placed
-The shop is divided into vehicles, equipment and objects and tractors are grouped into PS classes
-The HUD and options menu has been made "transparent" / more transparent.
-Vehicles are worn out, ie the paint is removed, for example. plowing and other equipment.
-The working speed and the strength of tractors decreases over time.

link -->


 More VERY unofficial information.

From another German video:
(this is second-hand information though)

3d clouds and dynamic weather
NO interactive control
NO great improvement to the AI helpers
Interior cab lighting and dashboard illumination
wild animals, and birds flying
grass bending under vehicles
Building your own farm and placing animal areas, and something about conforming to the land
In multiplayer you can have several farms and work in teams, each farm has their own bank account
something about animation of hoses coupling (not manual attaching though)
3d animation of vehicles in the shop
something about transparency in the UI
visible wear and damage of tractors, with an effect on their performance
Character customisation
90% solution to rain coming through roofs
no release date yet - possibly later in the year than October

Here are a couple more links with information about FS 19

Ag Hauler:
Another interesting video


--- Quote from: Ag Hauler on July 19, 2018, 02:37:23 PM ---Another interesting video

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There is some interesting written information given. Thanks for sharing.

any word on the new specs to run FS19?


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