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Remaining foilage after plowing


I just recently tried to expand a field by cutting down the trees and removing the stumps.  After this I plowed the area to remove the grass, which it did except for a small trace of foliage.   I tried to cultivate as well with the foliage still remaining.  Any ideas how to remove this foliage?  I may just seed through this spot and ignore the foliage but would like to remove it if I can.  Any ideas are welcome.

Tom Cat:
Not all foliage can be removed with FS implements .. Custom foliage (weed, bushes, certain grasses and so on) is often only made as "decorative" foliage, to give maps more life ..

Can only be removed in GE .. And even if removed in GE, only a new savegame will make it disappear ..

Regards - Tom Cat

  I tried  to get rid of it in GE as well with no luck, so I think I will just leave it as is and work through it.   Don't want to start a new game.   Thank you for the information.


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