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Final Poll for FS 19 Wishlist

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 This will be the final Survey for an FS 19 wishlist with the outcome being sent to Giants.

 Three more days till the poll closes.

This is getting into the last hours of the poll.

  I sent the results of the top 10 picks of our survey to Giants yesterday. This morning I got this reply from Giants.

--- Code: ---GIANTS Software
3:11 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
Hello John,

many thanks for your feedback to FS19, I will forward your suggestions to the dev team.
We can assure you that we are working on extending and improving the game.

Best regards,
Christofer Zoltán
GIANTS Software Support Team

You wrote:
> These were the top 10 choices of features from a survey taken on American
> Eagles Modding.
> No rain in buildings
> Seasons mod as standard
> Multi terrain angle and crop angles
> Chopped straw standard in game.
> Clover or alfalfa for baling hay
> Options for units other than liters (bushels, gallons etc.)
> Some sort of dynamic terrain
> Different ground textures for rippers/chisel plows
> True American map 4x standard
> Used equipment
> We appreciate what Giants has doe for the community in the past and thank
> you for taking the time to look at this unoffical survey.
> JohnDeere1952
> Moderator American Eagles modding.
--- End code ---
  I do not know if all suggestions will be implemented or not. But to me it is nice that Giants acknowledged our input. A big thanks to all who participated in the surveys.

the bold is the top 10 right? because some of the bolds are lower rating than the some of the norm


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